you guys I got a job today!

a real, full time, well paying, adult job


I signed a contract and everything

real life officially starts on august 4th


I got a B on my bachelor thesis!!!!!!!

during all my 3.5 years in uni I never got anything higher than a C

the very last thing I did was to top myself

After all the glee wank that has been happening on my blog and in my ask this past week I gotta say I actually loved this weeks ep cause the nyc scenes were AMAZING and hilarious and they were in it so much. Also nayas hotness never ceases to floor me.

let me tell you a story of why life is fucking frustrating

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I just owned this guy who tried to flirt with me with inadequate harry potter knowledge :P


Don’t fucking mess with me, this isn’t a joke

lol my 86 year old (slightly senile) grandma just called me

grandma: so what are you doing?
me: just sitting by my computer
grandma: ah you are one of those computer nerds?
me: hahaha yeah I guess so
grandma: that’s good, it means you got something in your brain

thanks grandma *continues to scroll tumblr*

I’m just gonna go ahead and ship Prince George with Princess Estelle, their shipname will be Gestelle and together they will merge the Swedish and English royal families AND RULE THE WORLD

I just bought a song on itunes

what is this new unfamiliar feeling 

the feeling of being………legal


It’s 7:30pm and I’ve slept until now, not getting out of bed once

It’s evident that yesterday sucked, it drained me completely. I still can’t believe it.

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I finished the Gone series! (6 books whoa) what a thrill ride that was.

I do have some complaints though, some unanswered questions that kinda bothered me, but it was still very good. 

Now what?

aah so I just finished reading The 5th Wave and wah out of the 20 books I’ve read this year it’s the best one, one of the best ones out of every book I’ve read ever!

but it’s #1 in a trilogy and book 2 doesn’t even have a title yet GAH WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF

quick moment of appreciation to princess estelle’s own tiny royal chair at the wedding today

UGH I’m still unsure about Leakycon and today is the last refund day

I skipped school today and told myself I’d read 75 pages of homework but I just couldn’t do it, instead I read 300 pages of fiction.