After the end of the final book in the Narnia series, “The Last Battle”, in which Narnia itself ceases to exist, Aslan, who was immortal, decided to come to Earth. Wanting to lead a much simpler life than he had in Narnia, but also still wanting to spread his knowledge and magic, he changed his name to Mufasa, started a family, creating many talking animals, and ruled over a small area in Africa. One day, of course, a herd of wildebeest ran through a gorge, chasing after Aslan-Mufasa’s son, Simba. While attempting to save Simba, Aslan-Mufasa himself was trampled and rendered unconcious. Both Simba and a “brother” that Aslan-Mufasa had created had witnessed this, not knowing of Aslan-Mufasa’s immortality. When Aslan-Mufasa awoke many hours later, he discovered that his son had run far away and his “brother” had taken over his kingdom. Aslan-Mufasa who was, of course, all-knowing, knew that one day, Simba would defeat Scar and be a kind, just ruler of his African kingdom, but only so long as Simba thought he was dead. So, Aslan-Mufasa decided to leave his kingdom once more. He changed his name again to Rumbleroar and went far, far away to Mars to start a school called Pigfarts, where he could teach people who were able to find him his magical ways. This is why Simba could see his father when he looked up into the stars.




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