- Whenever somebody casts a spell, take a sip (take a gulp if Hermione casts it).

- If you hear the full name “Harry Potter,” take a sip (two if the person saying “Harry Potter” sounds particularly surprised or confounded).

- If somebody casts “Avada Kedavra,” kill your drink.

- Whenever people draw their wands, take a drink (if more than four people at a time draw their wands, finish your drink).

- Whenever Harry says something inspirational or reassuring, take a sip.

- Take a drink whenever Ron has a scared, disgusted, or perplexed look on his face.

- Whenever Snape speaks with a nasal, overly dramatic affectation, pinch your nose and take a drink, condescendingly.

- Whenever people start flying, either by broomstick or by means of magical creatures, stop drinking because it’s so freaking cool.

- Whenever anybody says “horcrux,” last person to touch their Dark Mark finishes their drink.

- If you hear somebody say “He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named,” or any of its variants, dissolve your soul into seven pieces and take a drink for each.

— Whenever you see the spires of Hogwarts, the smoke stack of the Hogwarts Express, or Harry, Ron and Hermione uniting against the forces of evil, drink to nostalgia and feeling like a kid again.


This made me cry

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Nian and Ian Australia visit article 2

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