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Emma Watson or Emma Stone

Anonymous asked: Your halls of hogwarts thing is so awesome!! You're actually so clever and great have a great day love xx

thank you so much eek :D

beardybaggins asked: Please never stop making the 'Overheard in the halls of Hogwarts' sets they are incredible :')

Thank you so much! I’ve got 3 more coming :D but that’s most likely it I’m afraid, the pool of good enough footage of background students is quite shallow :/ 

clayrefelloffthecliff asked: I love the overheard in the halls of Hogwarts thing. And your blog. You're lovely.


“They won’t be able to see you?” asked Harry.
“We are part of you,” said Sirius. “Invisible to anyone else.”
Harry looked at his mother.
Stay close to me,” he said quietly.

Anonymous asked: Your description says Harry Potter, Glee etc but you post a loooooottt of Game of Thrones stuff. Maybe you should add that? No hate!!! I love your blog!!

Ah see I just started including GoT on my blog so I hadn’t thought of adding it there, thanks for reminding me :) I don’t think I post a looooottt though :S 

fredandaris asked: This is like one of the Best tumblr accounts I've found! Hands down, m'lady, you are cool! - Fred from Fred and Aris

Oh wow thank you! And m’lady tihihi, makes me feel like a noble GoT woman haha :D


"Any opportunity to get into fashion and find a beautiful dress, I’m very definitely excited about that."

Anonymous asked: No really, your blog is amazing. I don't think I'll ever be able to escape it's amazingness.

asdfghjklasdfghj oh my goodness thank you! I hope you wont, hahaha.


"There are all kinds of courage,” said Dumbledore, smiling. “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.