im-missbeliever asked: I saw that one ask about Gatsby and I wanted to say, if you're planning on reading Gatsby, save it for when you have a lot of free time. It's the type of book that you might hate until you reread it and have the time to appreciate the imagery and all the foreshadowing and little clues Fitzgerald throws into the whole novel. I personally find that the beauty in Gatsby is in the words and technique Fitzgerald uses. (:
  1. red-panda said: It’s great reading it the first time too
  2. sassy-damon said: agreed, the books is amazing once you actually catch all the details and the symbolism behind some things :)
  3. bombasticunicorn said: or you could just read a plot summary first so you know what to look for XD
  4. spin-madlyon said: True that!!
  5. thisisphoto-opportunity said: accurate! I’m studying Gatsby for A level English, and when I first read it, I actually found it quite confusing. But after re-reading it I can see how clever and beautifully the novel is pieced together
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