Are us Swedes the only ones getting this Google?

  1. looking-through-the-lens said: Just regular old google here in Australia
  2. mountain--sound said: Canada is normal, sorry but I don’t think it changes for us
  3. thecompleteillustrated said: yep, sorry
  4. hella-rad-butts said: I live in the US and it looks normal :(
  5. itistheponds said: is it your independance day or something? Because if that’s the case, it usually changes just for the country. Try to check in the google doodle’s page anyway (it doesn’t appear to me, but maybe because it’s still june 5th here) (:
  6. digitalfabulous said: Not here on my page in the US.
  7. ukuleleontoast said: It’s not midnight yet in the UK yet, could change tomorrow!
  8. jessicapond said: it’s normal here ~
  9. bec3a said: It’s normal in the US
  10. sstevenrogers said: my google looks normal, so yes~
  11. 99-deatheaters said: We’re not getting it in the UK
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